Feb 20 2010 - Practice What You Preach

I recently read an article about design blogs and how people should contribute to existing blogs rather than starting their own to help eliminate design blog saturation.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

“Today too many blogs are being created, I feel lost in the information and inspiration. There can only be so many different showcases featuring (insert number here) Examples of Brilliant Illustrations. I understand the internet has endless information, and we are just trying to showcase that. I would just like to go to a few destinations to get all the information.”

I’ve had similar views about consolidating information on the Internet.  It definitely would be nice to have one site where you can go to find out everything you ever wanted to know about…zebras, for instance.  I find that there are too many sites that offer the same content.  It’s even more prevalent these days with Twitter.  I can’t tell you the number of links I’ve seen from various design blogs that go to the same article.

But I have realized this consolidation will never happen.  Too many people out there have their own agendas…whether it’s just having an online presence, self-satisfaction, proving themselves in the eyes of their peers, or maybe just making a buck.  Whatever the reason, people are going to post what they want.

I think the author of this article should practice what he preaches.   I’m surprised this article was written by someone that falls into the very category he’s trying to eliminate.  I visited his site only to find a post about the Olympic logos of the past and present…I’ve seen at least five other sites with this same content.  Another post about creating a Bokeh effect…a topic I can read about on numerous sites.

Why not take your own advice, shut down your site and contribute to some of the bigger design blogs you mention?  I would have enjoyed reading why YOU have a design blog when you’re telling everyone else they should shut down and contribute to others.

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