Dec 03 2011 - Garden Journal (Day 238) – Final Thoughts

I pulled the last two leeks yesterday…only thing left in the garden now is the parsley, which I’m planning to cut and dry for seasoning. I’ve already pulled any weeds and turned the other two squares for the winter. I think this last one will have to wait until Spring, or at least until I pull the last of the parsley.

Overall, I think the SFG method worked rather well, at least as far as space is concerned. I definitely noticed extra room in the garden this season and I think I had a bigger yield than last season. The only issue I really saw was my tomato production, particularly the dazzleberries and rugters…only 11 and 10 respectively. Maybe it was the location of the plants, but I think squirrels played a part in this as well. Next season I think I’m going to grow two or three tomato plants upside-down from one of the trellises and see how that goes. Should be interesting to compare what kind of yield I get along with seeing how it might impact any pest/disease issues (squirrels!).

I also had issues growing beets. None of them really turned out all that great…basically leaves and a root, no meat in between. I’ll need to investigate this over the winter and see if I can improve next season. Same thing was happening with some of the radishes.

Something else I’ll be trying next season is to grow everything from seed. I’ll be constructing a seed tray this winter that combines a few different designs I’ve seen online. If it turns out like I think, should be a handy, no-mess contraption for indoor seed starting. :-)

And I also never got around to planting a second crop for fall harvest. I wanted to plant radishes and a few other vegetables to see how they produced later in the season with cooler temps. Next season!

Here’s the final harvest count for the season.

* Radishes: 29
* Green Onions: 26
* Lettuce: 125 (leaves)
* Onions: 11
* Beets: 7
* Squash: 30
* Banana Pepper: 36
* Jalapeno Pepper: 57 (half frozen/dried)
* Super Chilis: 242 (majority frozen/dried)
* Pole Beans: 938
* Slicing Cucumber: 72
* Pickling Cucumber: 91
* Cherry Tomato: 344
* 4th July Tomato: 54
* Green Pepper: 15
* Carrots: 44
* Rutgers Tomato: 19
* Eggplant: 29
* Roma Tomato: 54
* Dazzleberry Tomato: 11
* Wild Cherry Tomato: 24
* Leeks: 8.5 (one small plant)

Squirrel Wars 2011 Victims:
At this point, these are estimations.
* Rutgers Tomato: 9
* Pickling Cucumber: 2
* Slicing Cucumber: 6
* Roma Tomato: 5
* 4th July Tomato: 1
* Cherry Tomato: 15+
* Strawberries
* Squash: 1

Pest Issue (occurs every year, but now I know what’s causing it)
* Green Pepper (Pepper Maggot): 2
* Jalapeno Pepper (Pepper Maggot): 2
* Banana Pepper (Pepper Maggot): 5

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  1. Posted December 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm | Permalink

    Day 253 – Pulled most of the remaining parsley. Still looks good and is growing new shoots after several freezing nights and some snow (very little accumulation) over the past couple weeks. Put it in the dehydrator to dry it for parsley flakes.

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